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Refinement, elegance and style, are the main components of Haute couturesigned Refit, the Made in Italy that guarantees you the perfect outfit for special occasions. 

Design sspecialized in the, production of the garments and in the service Tailored, our Showroom it is located in Matino, in the province of Lecce.

Refined and carefree the touch of Refit in the clothes of High fashion is synonymous with freshness.

Passion and care are the peculiarities that we put into our work every day, which are reflected in the very high quality standards that reach our products.

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People, la risorsa

The Resource more important are the people who work with us.
This is why we have always aimed to create the best possible conditions in the workplace, supporting our employees throughout their journey within the company. We foster and encourage internal growth and that is why internal career paths are designed to allow deserving people to access positions of responsibility.


le fasidi produzione

In our style offices, the continuous search for new techniques for processing raw materials meets the refined Refit style.


For a single garment, it takes more than an hour of manual work to redefine the details.


Every single product is constantly subjected to checks, in compliance with high and constant quality standards.

stilista al lavoro che disegna refit italy alta sartoria made in italy boutique di moda lecce matino servizio su misura progettazione e modellistica brand italiano salento
rimaglio e confezione Refit italy alta sartoria made in italy servizio su misura lecce matino boutique di moda showroom
abiti di lusso refit italy alta sartoria made in italy boutique di moda lecce matino brand italiano showroom servizio su misura rimagio e confezione
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