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Who Are We


A team made up of professionals in the sector with 360 ° knowledge regarding the research of fabrics and materials to be used, always ready to accept new challenges, characterized considerably by courtesy and competence.

Our collaborators also have language skills, such as an excellent knowledge of languages: English, French and Spanish; important skills and considerable support during our processes of purchasing fabrics and / or materials from foreign countries such as Japan, France or Turkey.
Production capacity varies, depending on the complexity of the product.

The production phases are carried out externally by our trusted laboratories, experts in the various types. The brands that we produce and have produced in the past on behalf of third parties and on the market are:
Meltin'Pot, Fornarina, Salenti donna, Combo, Coopen (Pennesi), and others. We would be very happy to meet you to better illustrate the characteristics of our company.


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